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Welcome to the new official website of the short film DARK BLOOD. Here you will find all the latest information and downloads on the fanfilm by PANUCCIO PRODUCTIONS.

Feel free to contact us, sign our guestbook, or participate in a discussion at our official forums. We look forward to your continued support and hope you enjoy the film as much as we enjoyed making it.

13/11/2006 All files are up and running again.
11/11/2006 There has been some server problems and the downloadable movie has been lost. However, we will be reuploading very shortly. I will post here once it is available again.
6/12/2005 The text adventure prequel to DARK BLOOD, THE SWORD OF MALICE, can now be downloaded for your enjoyment! You will need to download the WinFrotz interpreter first to play the game. I hope you enjoy playing the game and also hope that it further enhances your enjoyment of the movie itself.

Now that this game is available to download, there is nothing left for the production of this movie. All DVDs have been sent to people wishing them, and no further ones will be made. We would like to thank you for visiting this site and please feel free to contact us at any time in regards to the film. There will probably be no further updates but we will still be happy to answer your queries.

Once again a big thank you goes out to all those that have supported us and made this production possible. Without your help, this project could not have been made possible. Maybe one day we will venture to this world again, but probably not in the foreseeable future.

Thank you.

1/08/2005 DARK BLOOD can now be downloaded! Both a small and a large version are now available to download. Both versions have great video and audio, so no matter your Internet connection, you will be able to enjoy the film. So head on over to the DOWNLOADS section now to grab the film!
31/07/2005 Within a week, both a small and large version of the movie will be uploaded to a hopefully permanent host. I will make the movie available to download once both versions have been successfully uploaded. Stay tuned!
21/06/2005 A few minor updates:
  • We are still in the process of getting the film hosted online. We hope to have it online shortly, but please bear with us.
  • The results of Force IV are in, and unfortunately we did not win any awards. We were up against fanfilm giant and the biggest fanfilm release of the year, Revelations, so we didn't have too much of a chance compared to their huge production values.
  • The main poster artwork has been added to
  • Julian Ramundi (the Healer), now has his CV online. You can check it out here.

If the film does not get hosted at the site we are currently submitting to, we will find alternative means to have it permanantly hosted online.

21/05/2005 All four trailers have been uploaded to a different site and are now available to download. Head on over to the DOWNLOADS section to watch them now. The full movie and bloopers will soon be uploaded too.
3/05/2005 Firstly, the bad news. Some of you may have noticed that the link to download the actual film does not work anymore. This is because seems to be down, and apparently may not ever come back online. This is bad news and we are trying to find somewhere else to host it ASAP so that it can be continued to be downloaded.

Secondly, we have recently submitted the film to the largest STAR WARS convention in Australia, Force IV: The 4th National Star Wars Convention of Australia, being held in Melbourne in a few weeks time, and being organised by Star Walking Inc. They are conducting a large fanfilm festival at the convention and we are proud to be associated with such an event. There will be awards for the festival, and we will post here the results as we become aware of them. Visit the Star Walking Inc website here.

Thirdly, a prequel of sorts has been made. Dubbed THE SWORD OF MALICE, it tells the tale of the forging of the great weapon featured in the film. Yes, it does says 'sword'. It has been taken out of the context of the Star Wars universe and placed into a fantasy setting. Oh, by the way, the prequel is not a movie, not a novel, but rather a text adventure game! If you have no idea what a text adventure game is, I suggest you go here to learn a bit more about it all. You play the game as a Sekoniun warrior on a quest to gather the necessary pieces to forge the ultimate weapon to destroy the Altari. What fun! Unfortunately, due to some reasons, although the game has been 100% completed, I am unable to put it online to download. I intend to enter it into a competition and the rules state that it can't have been distributed onto the Internet prior to the competition. So it will be some time before the game is available to download from here, but it will eventually be available later in the year.

Finally, I have recently been contacted by the Editor-in-chief from Online Entertainment Magazine, a new printed publication dedicated entirely to fanfilms, about the possible inclusion of a full feature article on the making of DARK BLOOD. The article will be written by us, and will also be mentioned in an upcoming article in the Cinefantastique magazine. We are currently in the process of finding out about the exact details of what the feature article will include and discuss, and as soon as we find out, the details will be posted online here. This is, of course, a great opportunity for our work to reach a widespread audience and we are very excited to have been personally asked to write such an article. We can only hope that we have found a new home for the movie itself online before the article gets released.

As you can see, even though the film was completed many months ago, there is still plenty going on concerning the film and we look forward to the continued support.

15/03/2005 We are proud to announce our new partnership between DARK BLOOD and This site promotes a huge number of fanfilms from all genres, and we are proud to be have been added to his vast listing of films, and also to be associated with such a well known site and artist. Please click on the link above or on the link on the right site of the page to visit Clifford's site and see what he has to offer.

Here is what Clifford had to say about the film itself:
"I have watched your fan film and found it very entertaining, I especially appreciated the excellent martial arts sequences and also the special effect for Lord Erebus' red lightsaber."

30/01/2005 The LARGE version of the film is now available to download at Also included are some new teaser trailers that were made for the premiere night.
25/01/2005 DARK BLOOD, the full film, can now be downloaded!!! Thanks goes to the excellent people at for providing the hosting. Also included is a large blooper reel for your enjoyment. Please note however, that at the present time only the small version is avaiable to download. Even though there is a link for a larger version available, the file itself is corrupt and won't work. I will post here when it becomes available, and when that happens I will also post a few words describing the experiences in making the film and thus, how to properly enjoy the film.

Click here to download the film. Goto DOWNLOADS, then STAR WARS FANFILMS, you will find our film there. I hope you enjoy the movie, and tell everyone you know to download and enjoy it also.

20/01/2005 It has been a while since the last update and the reason for this is that we have been involved in a full-blown DVD production. As a thanks to everyone who was involved with the movie production, whether it be cast, crew, poster creation, or helping out with the premiere, each person will receive a free complimentary copy of the film within the next week or so.

As a little treat, below is the DVD cover of the film. It was decided to keep the poster artwork as the front cover of the DVD as we felt it showed everything that needs to be shown. The back cover shows everything that is included in the DVD, along with the film credits, and DVD specifications.

Dark Blood DVD Cover

Also, we are currently in the process of submitting our film to a website to host the film indefinitely. We will keep you posted on the progress of this. With luck, they will accept it and give everyone who hasn't seen it already a chance to view the film.

12/12/2004 The World Premiere of DARK BLOOD occurred last night. After more than two years since the initial concept, pre-production, production, post-production, and finally the premiere, it has been quite a ride. Guests started to arrive from 7:30 for the 8:30 viewing. 60 people attended the premiere and I would first like to say thanks to every single one of them, because without you, the night simply would not have been the success that it was.

Guests were treated to a video montage as they arrived showcasing the teaser trailer, theatrical trailer, and three more featurettes specifically created for the night. As the time came near 8:30, guests were seated and Stephen and I gave short speeches regarding the premiere and the film. The lights darkened, and then the movie was shown.

Once the film was over, the overall reaction was incredible. Every guest extremely enjoyed the film, stating it was "excellent", "a great effort" and "better than expectations", and we were thoroughly congratulated by every guest. Even a self-confessed trekkie admitted he was impressed despite the fact that no Klingons were involved. Maybe next time......

We are extremely proud that the movie was such a success and that everyone enjoyed the night. To tell the truth, that was the first time we had actually seen the full film, with full sound, and it felt like we were the audience also. The atmosphere during the viewing was incredible. No noise. Everyone was keenly watching and listening to every line. It was amazing and I must truly thank you all again for attending. The reaction was well worth all the problems we've had over the year.

Below are some photos from the night. They are not the best quality but you can get the idea. DVD production is the main priority now and we hope to have that all completed by the end of the week. Also, for everyone who attended the premiere, please visit our forums and post your thoughts and reviews of the movie online for all to see. We would really appreciate the feedback.

An unexpected visitor... One half of the crowd... ...the other half
An unexpected visitor... One half of the crowd... ...the other half
The setup Stephen's intro Anthony's intro
The setup Stephen's intro Anthony's intro

Once again thank you for attending the night and making it such a great success.

6/12/2004 As you may be able to tell from the side progress bars, the film is now complete. After more than 2 years in the making, from original conception to the final post production shot, problems every step of the way, delayed release dates, the film is finally complete. The premiere is this Saturday night, December 11. There is an expected audience of just under 70 people and we are privileged to have this many people showing up from all over NSW, as well as some relatives from Melbourne who are making their way up here just for this viewing. We are truly grateful for your support. After the premiere, photos of the night will be uploaded and people's reactions posted.

In the previous post, I mentioned a new release trailer. This will not happen as we do not feel it necessary at this point and we have already revealed all we want to about the film in the previous two trailers.

19/11/2004 With the film now 95% complete, the premiere date has been definitively set to December 11. This is THE day and will not be altered. Check back soon for a new release trailer, soon to be uploaded.

Since I have completed my part in the post-production process, I have already started creating the DVD for the movie. Outlined below is what is to be expected in the DVD release:

  • Full feature film
  • Director's Commentary
  • Producer's Commentary
  • Scene Selection
  • December 2004 - Footage from the premiere
  • Blooper Reel - Short blooper reel shown at premiere
  • Bloopers - Every blooper from every take
  • Teaser Trailer
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Release Trailer
  • Character Featurettes
  • An Eternal Battle - Original short from 2000
  • Poster Artwork and Photos from production
  • The Jedi Council - Showcasing the high budget values
  • Allenius Spoof Scene - Originally part of a spoof movie to be filmed simultaneously, before idea being scrapped due to time constraints
  • The Art of Shaving - The things people do to make the film realistic.

I think for a short independant film, this is quite a large list of features sure to keep anyone interested.

8/11/2004 Now with university pretty much over, it is time to put the film as the main priority in my life. Special effects will be the first thing to be tackled and should be completed within a few days of non-stop work on the effects. Stephen has yet to finish the semester, but as soon as he does, sound and music will quickly be done. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will soon be putting progress bars on the side for quick updates on the progress of the film. Hopefully within a few weeks the movie will be completed and ready for viewing. Fingers crossed.
21/10/2004 The brand new and FINAL poster has just been released. This poster has been selected as the release poster, i.e. the officially chosen poster to promote the film. Once again all thanks go to Eugene Leonello for creating the poster. Be sure to check out the other posters too in our DOWNLOADS section.
17/10/2004 I haven't realised that it's been over 2 months since the last update. Sorry about that, I'll try to make it more frequent next time, but like I've said before, university has been quite hectic.

Some pretty big news. We have finally filmed everything that needs to be filmed! Yes, although principal photography finished way back in February, we still had some outstanding shots to do, but yesterday we finally got around to doing them. So now we can pretty much make the entire movie from start to end. On that note, I have already put together a rough edit of the first 15 minutes of the film, and I must say it looks pretty good once all the scenes are put together with music, effects, sounds, voice, etc.

I am considering putting a progress bar on the side of this page so as to let visitors know the current status of the film quickly and easily. It would show all aspects of the film that's being done at the moment: Editing (95%), Sound (95%), Special Effects (90%), ADR (70%), and Music (80%). So as you can see from these numbers, we are very close indeed to finishing, but because it is the business end of semester, we are finding it harder and harder to work on the movie. However, the late November release date is a very real possibility, and we are setting that as our deadline. DVD production is also in the early stages so we can simply add in the various video and have the DVD completed very soon after release.

Thanks again for the support shown and remember to let us know what you think so far of the film in general, what you think should be on the DVD, and whatever else you like at our forums.
15/08/2004 Time for another update. Now with university starting again, the movie has been put at number two on the priority list. What this means is we will continue to work on it whenever we have the chance, but not as much as we have been previously. Realistically, the premiere will now be held in November. This is after university is over, gives us a few more months to finish off and fine tune the movie, and organise the premiere.

Now for the current status of the movie itself. Long story short, EDITING is pretty much done, FOLEY is done, some ADR left to go, MUSIC has a bit to go, SPECIAL EFFECTS is getting there, and we have one more very short scene to film. So as you can see, pretty much everything is ALMOST done, but all the little bits add up. Quite a few scenes now are totally complete, and each scene looks a lot better when it has sound and effects added. So keep checking the site for more updates, drop us a line, or leave a message.
22/07/2004 As promised yesterday, posters have been added to the DOWNLOADS section. Go check them out now! Wallpapers and other pictures to come later. Also notice the new Panuccio Productions logo featured in the bottom left corner. Thanks goes to Alec Leonello for creating this small but necessary masterpiece.
21/07/2004 Alright, I know it has been a while since our last update but we've been very busy with many things. Anyway, here we go.... work is still progressing on the movie, however, it is now very unlikely that it will be finished by the end of the month. Hopefully it will be completed within the first few weeks of August and the premiere will most likely happen now at the start of September. The reason for the couple weeks difference between the movie being finished and being premiered, is so that it gives us time to fine tune the film as well as organise everything for the premiere.

On another note, within a few days or so, the website will be updated with some new posters for the movie, as well as wallpapers, and some still captures from the movie. Keep checking back, and be sure to post your thoughts and interests on our forums.
8/06/2004 The new trailer has arrived!!! Head on over to the DOWNLOADS section now and post your comments at our forums.
12/05/2004 A new version of the teaser trailer is ready to download. This version is smaller in file size, but actually much better quality than the original. Instead of 15 fps, its the real 25 fps. And also a tad brighter to make it a bit easier to see in the darker sections of the trailer. No this isn't the trailer I've been talking about, just a revision of the teaser. Keep checking the site and forums for all the latest info about the upcoming trailer and progress on the movie.
22/04/2004 Work is progressing smoothly, and things are still on track for a July release. Hopefully around the end of May, the next trailer will be released. And this one will actually show you a little bit about the story.
6/04/2004 Version 2 of website goes live.
26/03/2004 DARK BLOOD now has its own forums. Click here to get there, and get posting.
16/03/2004 We are happy to say that the teaser trailer has been well received by all, and because of this, has really inspired us to do the best job we can possibly do. Click here to see some people's reactions to the trailer.
12/03/2004 The TEASER TRAILER has arrived. Head on over to the DOWNLOADS section now and let me know what you think.
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